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Donny Brown
Donny Brown
Donny recently visited with Glenn Giordano and The Drummission.

They discuss Donny's background, life, music, The Verve Pipe and so much more.

Check it out:
Donny Brown
A Word with Donny Brown of The Verve Pipe
An in depth interview with the drummer and founder of The Verve Pipe. Watch as we discuss drumming, drummers, The hit " The Freshman", and, of course , survi...
Donny Brown
Donny Brown
For Adam Schlesinger.
Donny Brown
Donny Brown
Out today! Check out Donny on drums and background vocals on Randy Sly's fantastic version of XTC's "Books Are Burning" on the new Futureman Records compilation "Garden of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration"

Check out the track and full album here:

Randy Sly - Vocals, backing vocals, piano, organ
Donny Brown - additional backing vocals, drums, percussion
Danny St. Echo - bass guitar
Michael Robertson - electric guitar

Recorded by Randy Sly at Miranlu studios & Donny Brown at Hess Street Studios
Mixed by Andy Reed at Reed Recording Company
Donny Brown
Books Are Burning, by Randy Sly
from the album Garden of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration

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