Donny Brown: From “Verve Pipe” To Solo Star (WLNS TV – VIDEO)

(WLNS) – There will be plenty of music this Saturday in Grand Ledge. I caught up with a local musician who’s ready to help set the mood this Valentine’s Day.

He has a very familiar name but you may not recognize his new sound.

But Donny Brown’s story begins in Saginaw, Michigan where he was born and raised in a house full of children and music.

“When we did dishes we sang. If you were the dryer, you sang the harmonies and guitar solos.”

And now he’s flying solo in the music business After separating from the successful band The Verve Pipe, which he helped create back in the 90’s, around the time he attended MSU’s School of Music.

The band’s hit song “Freshman” was everywhere.

But you’d never consider this seasoned musician a “freshman” playing drums, his vocal chords and now strumming deeper into his guitar.

Since his split from the Verve Pipe in late 2013 Donny’s played one only gig on his own.

This Saturday in Grand Ledge, will be his second.

And he’ll have help from some local talent who call themselves “the Van Dell-Tones”

I asked Donny if Valentine’s Day will be a theme Saturday. “I’ve been known to write a love song or two,” Brown answered. “And we want to spread the love. I’m going to play a few extra love songs in the show too.”

One of those songs is called “The Night I Fell For You” from his new album.

And it’s a song I’ve fallen for since getting the opportunity to sing it with him….

And Donny hopes you’ll fall in love with some to the music this weekend, as well.

Again, the concert is this Saturday at the “Grand Ledge Performing Arts Center” which is inside the high school. Tickets are $10.50 for adults and $5.50 for students.


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