Donny Brown – Donny Brown (E.P.)

December 11, 2015
Donny Brown
Producer: Donny Brown

1. 14 Days
2. Now You Can Break My Heart
3. Life Of A Stranger
4. Just A Friend
5. Losing A Part Of Your Soul
6. Reach Out

all songs © 2015 Hess Street Songs (ASCAP)

mixed by Geoff Michael and Zach Lizzio at Big Sky Recording, Ann Arbor, MI

mastered by Ryan Wert at Elm Street Recording, Lansing, MI.

thank you
Emily Rust, Lori Walderich, Geoff Michael, Andy Reed, Mike Robertson, Heather Kulaga, Nick Piunti, Randy Sly, Ed Groves, Kay Rinker O’Neil, Jake Greenwood, Scott Van Dell, Hank Horton, Jim Alfredson, Chris Zehnder, Ty Forquer, Rosco Selley, Jason Kime, Ryan Wert, Jake Bartlett, Jeff Walikangas, Zach Lizzio, Abbey Hoffman, Michael Grosvenor, Chris Johnston, Shannon Poynter, Lori and Tim Hausbeck, J.J. Bamberger

all songs written by Donny Brown – Hess Street Songs except
Losing A Part Of Your Soul – written by Donny Brown and Nick Piunti
14 Days and Reach Out – written by Donny Brown, Mike Robertson and Heather Kulaga

This music – as well as any other music I have or will ever make in my life – is dedicated to my parents, Don and Dolores Brown.

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