Tom Paxton & The DonJuans – Live In Portland Oregon

February 9, 2018
Tom Paxton & The DonJuans
Pax Records / Groove Music Marketing
Producer: Michael Grosvenor

1. Is Love
2. Garden Of The Dead
3. No Plan B
4. Wherever You Been
5. What If, No Matter
6. How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
7. Boat In The Water
8. If The Poor Don’t Matter
9. Whose Garden Was This
10. And If It’s Not True
11. Bottle Of Wine
12. Did You Hear John Hurt?
13. The Mayor Of MacDougal Street
14. Dixie’s Summer Clothes
15. After The Storm
16. Susie Most Of All
17. Star Struck
18. The Last Thing On My Mind
19. Ramblin’ Boy
20. What’s So Bad About That?
21. Dream On Sweet Dreamer

Tom Paxton – Vocals, Guitar
Don Henry – Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals
Jon Vezner – Guitar, Keyboards, Ukulele, Vocals

Recorded LIVE in concert on November 7, 2017 at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland Oregon.

Produced by Michael Grosvenor
Recorded, edited, artwork : Michael Grosvenor
Live Sound Engineer : Mike Johnson
Mastering : Donny Brown

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