Nick Piunti talks Donny Brown’s work on “Beyond The Static”

NickPiunti_BeyondTheStaticSinger / Songwriter Nick Piunti talks about his new album “Beyond The Static” and Donny Brown’s involvement in the project. The below was written by Nick.

“The recording of “Beyond the Static” began at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor with Geoff Michael producing.  Geoff gets a great drum sound but 2 tracks actually were recorded at Donny Brown’s studio.  “Head in the Clouds” and “It’s a Trap” drum tracks sounded so good that there was no need to re-record them at Big Sky. There also were keyboards and background vocals for “Time Machine” that were tracked by Donny at his own Hess Street Studio.

Donny has an uncanny knack with harmony vocals.  He can hear multiple parts in his head and can sing them spot on in no time.  The hard part is deciding which parts to keep, they’re all so good.  Though most of the songs on “Beyond the Static” we’re complete before production began, Donny came up with a streamlined arrangement for “It’s a Trap” that made the song more immediate and to the point.  Donny as a musician, arranger and producer can make a good song better with his ear for a hook and his sense of dynamics.  I can’t wait to start working on my third album with Mr. Donny Brown.”

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